Recieve – A Time Of Prayer and Worship

Come take a moment out of the holiday bustle to pause and receive, refresh, and renew your body, mind, and spirit.

(You can thank me later!)

Join us for a special time of prayer, worship, and be encouraged by guest speaker and author, Shanon Roberts.  (see below for a special note from Shanon)

Hope to see you there!

I’m Shanon Roberts, author of Rise Up! Devotions and the Courageous Humility Bible study, and content partner with YouVersion Bible App. I’m SO excited to be coming to Flow Fitness this week and hopefully meet and spend some time with you.

While my number one love is God’s Word and sharing it in a way others can connect with and hopefully crave it, I’m also passionate about food and fitness.

I mean, who doesn’t love food? (especially around the holidays, too!)

And who doesn’t enjoy a good workout to get the blood flowing or a physical challenge to help keep us in shape?

This is why I’m excited to be visiting Flow Fitness Boutique, and hopefully YOU, this Saturday, December 9th!

As I will share with you in more depth, it has taken harmonizing each of these areas to achieve not only optimal, holistic health, but confidence, stamina and wherewithal to step into, and live out, God’s calling for my life.

It is my prayer as I share the faith, food and fitness journey God has had me on the past three years, you will be inspired to begin or perhaps continue on, daily balancing all three as well, to uniquely receive and live out the same benefits in your life.

I look forward to connecting with you!