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At Flow, we embrace Intuitive Eating, with Principle 9 being: “Movement- Feel the Difference”.

Fitness Industry LIE:

“<<Insert Fitness Method>> is the best (and only) way to achieve your desired result”


There are 6 BAJILLION different ways to move your body. Only YOU know what’s best for YOU! So find a way to move your body that YOU enjoy!

One of our top priorities at Flow is to keep movement enjoyable because anything less than enjoyable is not sustainable!

Do You Enjoy…

Lifting weights? We have classes for that!

Choreographed classes? Yep!

Stretching? That too!

Circuits…Uh huh!

Step…Boxing…Check & Check!

We’re continuously monitoring the industry’s most FUN ways to move, as well as checking in with our members, to bring you enjoyable movement that promises to never get boring!

As added (& extremely important) bonuses, variety will keep the risk of injuries to a minimum & help prevent the plateau of monotonous, repetitive workouts.


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Flow Fitness Boutique

11331 US Hwy 301 South - Suite 101

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Riverview, FL 33578

Text or Call: 813-374-3019

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Monday thru Friday

Mornings: 9:00am - 11:15am

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