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7 Tips to Stay in Shape During the Holidays 

The holidays can sabotage the best of intentions when it comes to staying in shape. Culprits include the free candy that flows like wine at the end of October, the numerous holiday parties and dinners that take place for nearly two months and the hectic pace of the season. While staying in shape requires dedication all year long, your focus needs to increase if you want to maintain your fitness level during the holidays.

Instead of becoming sidetracked by holiday goodies, fight back so that you feel better about your health. You can enjoy the occasional holiday treat and still stay fit if you put in extra effort when it comes to exercise. Obviously, the best way to keep on top of your fitness goals during the holidays is by completely avoiding treats and extra food. However, since that is likely not a realistic option, try the following tips to keep fit during this time of year.

Take the Stairs

All year round, you enjoy the convenience of taking the elevator to your third-floor office. During the holidays, shun the elevator and take those stairs instead. If you need to talk to a co-worker, get up from your desk and walk over to their cubicle instead of calling. When you have a break at work, take a quick walk instead of sitting in the break room.

At home, walk to a nearby corner store, hair appointment, library or even restaurant instead of wasting gas by taking the car. Use your bicycle to for trips that are a little farther away. Clean your house regularly to burn extra calories and build a sense of accomplishment into to your exercise routine.


Plan Your Holiday Treats

You might easily lose track of just how much — and how many — holiday treats you are enjoying, which is one of the reasons that the holidays pack on the pounds for so many people. Just because someone put Christmas cookies in the break room does not automatically mean that you have to go eat them. As you take the extra steps to stay fit during the holidays, do yourself a favor and plan your holiday eating in advance.

Allow yourself one or two days during the week to enjoy treats without guilt. If you know you have a holiday party coming up on Saturday, then use that as a “cheat day” where you can have all the holiday goodies you want. The key is to make sure that you monitor what you eat the other five or six days of the week.


Don’t Wait For January 2

On January 2, the membership numbers for gyms and health clubs skyrocket. Instead of making that resolution for the New Year, get a head start and join a women’s fitness boutique right when the holidays start. You can enjoy a myriad of fun and unique classes, such as Tabata, Barre, Trapeze or HIIT.

If you need individual help, you can book time with a personal trainer who will put together a program that will help ease you into making exercise a daily routine. By the time the holidays are in full swing, your focus will be on maximizing the benefits of your membership at our ladies’ fitness center.

If you start your membership at our local gym for women two months before everyone else, you will be more inclined to keep going to your workouts long after everyone else has quit. Many people who start working out January 2 no longer go to the gym by March 1. But with your head start, your workout routine will already be a part of your lifestyle and something you will want to do every day.

And don’t forget to drop your kids off at our complimentary child care.


Start Out Slowly

People sometimes jump right into fitness classes because they are initially excited about the prospects of being in better shape. However, you might struggle to maintain a sudden and drastic change to your lifestyle. If you decide to start exercising to offset your intake of holiday goodies, then you need to start off slowly and find exercises that you enjoy.

Try setting aside 15 minutes every day to do some exercises that interest you. Stretch thoroughly before you start and drink plenty of water while you are exercising and after you are done. Our classes offer warm-ups so that you can ease your way into your work out. As you become used to exercising, you can pick up the pace to burn off the extra calories you consume during the holidays.


Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water flushes toxins out of your body and helps your digestive system to more efficiently handle the extra food you are eating. Keep in mind that water is not a miracle substance that will allow you to eat all you want and stay fit, but drinking plenty of water each day will keep you hydrated along with helping your body to work effectively.


Stand Instead of Sitting

Every little bit helps when you are trying to counteract the effects of holiday goodies, which includes standing and walking whenever possible instead of sitting. For example, milling around and enjoying the gathering of a few friends and family members can help burn calories. You might not burn off all of the calories you take in, but at least you are keeping your body in motion and your digestive system active.


Stick to a Regular an Eating Schedule

You can help your body during the holidays by eating your meals at approximately the same time each day and avoiding snacking in the evening or at night. A routine eating schedule helps your body to handle food better, making sure that your digestive system is ready to do its job.

People seem to especially enjoy getting together to spend time with family and friends during the holidays. Food seems to be a huge part of those get-togethers, with a plethora of sweets that dominate those endless buffets. Instead of sacrificing your health to holiday treats, take advantage of these tips to stay fit during the most wonderful time of the year.

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