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9 Fitness Trends for 2018 – Part 1

Fitness has been an American obsession for decades, and that trend will continue in 2018. The number of people who take their workouts seriously will likely grow, and the constant advances in technology will create exciting new exercise trends. This month, we’ll look at four exercise trends you might want to add to your regular routine and then consider five more trends next month.


Exercise enthusiasts know that the cool down after a workout is just as important as warming up beforehand. The proper cool down will not only help you feel better but can prevent nagging injuries that can occur without warning. Cryotherapy involves cooling the body to below freezing temperatures for a short time in a specially designed chamber. This exercise trend promises to “heat up” in 2018.

These cool temperatures act to quickly reduce swelling, relieve pain and soothe muscles. However, when you are dealing with extreme temperatures, you run the risk of danger. For this reason, cryotherapy should only be administered by professionals in a controlled environment.


Wearable Technology

Although not new, wearable technology will take off due to the advances made over the past few years. High-tech heartrate monitors and other types of activity monitors will not only keep track of your progress, but they can store data and show you trends associated with your workouts. You can expect a lot of high-tech innovations to become popular with exercise enthusiasts in 2018, and the availability, convenience, and portability of wearable technology will make these gadgets hot market items.


Group Exercise Classes

While group exercise doesn’t seem like a 2018 exercise trend, the popularity of exercise groups and classes waned over the past few years. However, in 2018, the concept of exercising in a group has started to catch on again and is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Group exercise in 2018 goes beyond simple cardio classes or group yoga. Large groups are now focusing on exercises such as using the treadmill, stair climber and exercise bike. Technology has also contributed to another new wave of group exercise: exercising together over the internet with others across the country or even globally. If you are looking for a trendy women’s fitness class, try one of the following: PiYo; barre; HIIT; and 30-minute upper, core or lower blast.


A New Target Audience: Baby Boomers and Older

In the past, a local women’s gym was designed to appeal to a younger crowd with the latest music, wide open floor plans and crowded locker rooms. However, in 2018, look for a women’s fitness boutique to tone down some of the tunes and start appealing to an older target market, including reaching Baby Boomers. While the emphasis will still be on the age group from 25- to 35-years-old, fitness centers will start to look for ways to attract seniors who are striving to remain physically active.


At Flow Fitness Boutique, we know that some things never change no matter the fitness trends. You want a safe, friendly place to enjoy fun fitness classes with others. Some of you need a gym with childcare so that you can bring your children. Whatever your fitness needs, we are here to serve you. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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