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Taking Time for You: 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

The pressures that come with everyday life can take a toll on even the strongest woman. Responsibility presses on your conscience, making you feel like work and taking care of the family are the only activities for which you have time. But believe it or not, every woman — including you! — is entitled to some personal time to recharge her batteries at a ladies’ fitness boutique or similar facility. However, you will likely battle a persistent feeling of guilt that washes over you when you think about relaxing. Instead, focus on your own physical and mental health and how personal time will rejuvenate you so that you can handle your responsibilities as effectively as possible.

You likely know in your head that you deserve down time. However, you might need concrete reasons why you should not feel bad about taking time for yourself. The following reasons will help you make the most of your personal time so that you can overcome any feelings of guilt for investing in yourself.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty


You’ll Reduce Your Stress Levels

Most women in America have a long list of items that stress them out, including their families, jobs, finances and a myriad of other details. You deserve a few breaks from all of those things each week so that you can set aside those worries. Putting aside your responsibilities while you enjoy a work out for women will help lower your stress level.

Stress negatively affects your health and your life in general. When you are stressed, you make poor decisions and mistakes that you would not normally make. When stress builds, you might feel as if one thing is piling on top of another to the point where you just want to break down. That is no way to live life. When you reduce your stress, you can be in the moment, get more out of life and feel better.


Lessen the Possibility of Burn Out

If you burn out at your job, you can probably take a few days off to recharge your batteries. However, you probably cannot take time off from taking care of your family or managing your household. When you make time for yourself at individual or group exercise classes, you are recharging your batteries, giving yourself the stamina you need to stay in the game for the long haul.

By prioritizing that personal time, you start to feel a difference physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. If the kids are being especially difficult and you know that your work out is just around the corner, you can take a deep breath and focus on dealing with your responsibilities. You are less likely to make poor decisions or say things to your kids that you might regret. Personal time not only helps you avoid burn out but also helps push you to accomplish more throughout the day.


Recoup Your Sense of Self

Women who constantly feel the need to stay busy find themselves caught in a dangerous cycle. If you always feel like you should be doing something, then you start to feel guilty when you do have a little time to yourself. Instead of relaxing or doing something you enjoy, you instinctively start cleaning the house or taking care of someone else. In other words, you begin to define yourself by the tasks you accomplish instead of enjoying life to the fullest and living a balanced life, including attending a fun fitness class.

Losing your sense of self can feel devastating. When you do finally take time out, you already feel trapped and overwhelmed with your life. The worst part is that you have done it to yourself, yet you might try to project your frustration on those around you. When you put aside time for yourself to do what you want during the day, you won’t forget who you are and what you enjoy. You will look at your tasks for what they are, and you will not let the need to constantly be busy consume you. The value you place on yourself will be based on your own ambitions and not a never-ending cycle of work.


Refresh Your Time Management Skills

You might say that you wish you had more time in the day to accomplish your goals. However, when you set aside time for yourself, you can focus and develop your own time management skills. When you realize that you can set aside 30 to 60 minutes three to five times a week at a ladies’ fitness center, you start to understand how you can better spend your time when you manage daily tasks.

Developing great time management skills involves both basic organization and setting your priorities. Setting time aside for yourself helps you to remember what is important, and you begin to develop an instinctive method for prioritizing the tasks in your life. Not only does this allow you to make the most of your time, but it also helps you reduce stress.

If you are constantly driven to do what you feel you have to do, then when will you have the time to do what you want to do? Life is admittedly hectic, but that does not mean that you should let your necessary daily activities consume every waking moment. When you do not take any time for yourself during the day, you start to believe that you only exist to care for everyone else’s needs. After a while, this will cause problems in your professional and personal life that might lead to disastrous consequences.

Do not allow your daily activities to consume and control you. You need to push aside the guilt that comes with setting aside time for yourself. Instead, prioritize your personal time and make sure that you keep your work out near the top of that list to help keep you positive and strong so that you can make the most of your life and focus on who you really are.

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