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2017 Women’s Fitness Trends: Back to Basics

Women’s fitness trends change constantly, based on the needs of women who work out and, often, the influence of pop-culture. Additionally, newly released medical and scientific findings play a big role in determining the shift in fitness preferences. We recently addressed one current trend of how doctors and psychiatrists are now attempting to motivate their patients to exercise in order to help them improve their overall health. In this continuation of the series, we’ll take a look at how fitness trends in 2017 are moving back to basics.

In previous years, fitness trends included costly home gym equipment, complicated aerobic workouts and formulas to keep track of weight loss. Thankfully, these trends are fading and being replaced by more realistic options that actually work and that help you attain your fitness goals.

Old School Exercises

Instead of using fancy equipment and elaborate props, women are returning to the basics of relying on their own bodies during work outs and fitness classes. Your elementary and high school gym teachers might have had the right idea as sprints, push-ups, jumping jacks and sit ups are now making a fitness comeback. As the saying goes, “What’s old is new again.” Better yet, these simple but powerful cardio exercises can push you to peak conditioning with little if any equipment. Try our P90x LIVE classes designed for every fitness level.

Some local gyms for women are now offering throwback games and competitions, such as capture the flag, Frisbee and even tag, in order to motivate participants to just start moving. Another fitness boutique has teams “compete” for the greatest energy output in indoor cycling. Only the team average is shown in order to emphasize the importance of the group workout and to avoid embarrassing anyone who might have an off day or who might not be able to perform to the level of the top participants.

Overall Conditioning

While some folks drive themselves to work out excessively, many people aren’t worried about being in the best possible physical condition. Instead, they want to improve their quality of life and tackle their everyday activities with ease. This includes having the energy to spend an hour playing with their toddler at the park, power cleaning the house, lifting a baby without back strain, tossing a ball with their child, climbing stairs without becoming winded and similar life activities.

If this applies to you, overall conditioning will make all these activities easier, and you’ll be less prone to injuries when you do them. Overall conditioning also gives you the added benefit of improved health and will simply feel better in general. At Flow Fitness Boutique we over several conditioning classes, including Tabata, Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing and Barre Above.

Addressing the Dangers of Excessive Weight

In this case, excessive weight doesn’t necessarily mean that pesky 5 to 10 pounds that you might struggle to lose. Excessive weight refers to weight bordering on and over the obese limit. While the exact amount of weight referred to as obese varies from person to person, the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines obesity as someone with a BMI of more than 30. 
The Body Mass Index chart provides additional general guidelines regarding BMI and a correct weight range for you.

However, this chart is not a diagnostic tool, and various factors affect your ideal weight. You should address any specific questions regarding weight and obesity with your physician. In any case, general physical fitness, including walking, bicycling and group fitness classes in combination with improving your eating habits will help combat obesity. If this is your situation, we encourage you to try our Circuit Training or Dance Fusion.

“Put Up Your Dukes” — Boxing

Boxing and boxing-related workouts offer another basic workout option that is making a comeback in 2017. Some supermodels have started the upswing in reviving this old classic by boasting of the power of boxing to keep them in tip-top shape. And what’s not to love? This old-school sport provides strength training, an intense core work out, flexibility and speed for participants.

After your aerobic workout, you will feel less stressed and ready to take on the world. Even if you opt not to take actual boxing classes, you can still take advantage of boxing-style exercises and enjoy the benefits of the sport.


Yes, you read that right. Crawling. In fact, “The Washington Post” stated that the trend of planking has been replaced by crawling. Tim Anderson, one of the founders of a movement company, states that babies develop strong limbs when they learn to crawl. Crawling prepares them to be competent walkers and runners. When adults return to these basics, they are unlearning old movement patterns and replacing them with new patterns to help improve their overall mobility. Specifically, crawling strengthens core muscles that can improve lower back strength, offer greater hip flexibility and flatten that pesky belly bulge.

Overall Movement

Instead of actual exercise, Katy Bowman, a fitness expert and author on the subject, says that people should focus on moving. For example, if you have a sedentary job, think about how you can incorporate more movement throughout your day, during breaks, at your desk, at home and wherever possible. Remember that movement doesn’t just mean fitness, such as jogging or aerobics. Focus on overall motion to improve flexibility, fluidity and range of motion. By regularly moving your joints, you can help keep your body working effectively. Try our Barre Above class. We guarantee you’ll love it.

Setting Trends At Flow Fitness

Flow Fitness Boutique prides itself on staying up to date with current women’s fitness trends. If any of these workout options appeal to you, consider attending our group exercise classes: cardio kickboxing, tone and stretch, gentle stretch and gentle tone.

If you prefer a higher energy class, we have numerous options to serve you. Check out our list of classes and the schedule where you are sure to find something to meet your workout needs. No matter your preference, remember that the most important aspect of working out is to enjoy your exercise class.

An energetic and fun class with a group of likeminded women focused on their fitness goals will motivate you to return for more. Call us today and see how we can help. At Flow Fitness Boutique, we look forward to meeting your fitness needs no matter your goals.

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