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7 Reasons Why Group Exercise Works

group exercise worksAs kids, we couldn’t wait to come home from school and spend time with our friends. As teens, we often didn’t care what we did as long as we were with our peers. However, as adults, we might isolate ourselves and withdraw from others. When it comes to fitness, you might see more improvement and stay more motivated with group exercise classes.

Women sometimes feel as if they can work out better when they’re alone. Yes, it may be convenient to exercise on your own schedule, moving at your own pace and worry less about competition or performance. While it’s true that exercising by yourself has certain advantages, group exercise might motivate you to stay fit in unique ways.

Types of Group Exercise

Group exercise classes vary by fitness level and intensity of workout regimen. Group exercise is led by experienced instructors who monitor you to make sure that your form is correct and offer alternatives to better fit your fitness and flexibility levels. Some of the group fitness classes we offer at Flow Fitness Boutique include stretch, aerobics, choreographed dance, Pilates, kickboxing, and sculpting. Whether you work out while your kids are in school or weekends are your only chance to get fit, we offer flexible schedule and free child care to make it easier for you to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Avoiding Boredom & Maintaining Motivation

Women sometimes quit working out because they are bored. Attending different classes with varying fitness levels and workout styles can keep you involved and interested. You can interact with the other students and the instructor in a positive setting as you learn new routines.

Let’s face it — most people struggle to keep themselves motivated when it comes to working out. While you might start out with the best of intentions, it’s easy to lose your drive and simply quit working out. The dynamic energy of a group encourages you with your workout in a way that you can’t find when you pushing yourself to exercise on your own. When you add a friendly and warm instructor to the mix, your motivation level will increase even more.

In addition, if you exercise with others who are stronger, faster or in better shape than you are, you will probably up your game to keep up with them. This is not about mean-spirited competition. Instead, it’s about rising to a new level of accomplishment that will help you move to the next level in your fitness program.

Holding Yourself Accountable

Accountability — it might be a word with some negative connotations, but sometimes, it’s just the fire underneath us to do the trick. Those friendly faces that you see at the regular classes, such as the Trapeze Flow or POUND®, will call or text you if you miss a class. The camaraderie from the other attendees will encourage you to do your best. The encouragement of the instructor can motivate you in much the same way, reminding you to show up for class when you’d rather sleep in or veg out in front of the TV.

why group exercise worksStaying Safe

Working out means that you are intentionally putting additional strain and stress on your body. Although any type of exercise includes a risk of injury, when you exercise alone, no one else is around to help you if you get hurt. When you exercise at a boutique fitness gym, your instructor will help you pace yourself so that you do not overexert yourself, especially if you are just starting out. A great instructor will also correct your posture and suggest alternative poses to make it easier on your problem areas, be it your aching back or soar knees. And your class buddies will keep an eye on you – a built-in safety feature when working out in a group setting, a benefit you just don’t have if you work out alone.

Building Relationships

Most of us are social and enjoy being around others, even if we need our alone time as well. We love chatting, laughing and telling jokes, especially when we are striving together toward the same goal of health and fitness. At the same time, a challenging workout can bond people together as you realize that everyone else is working just as hard as you are to be their personal best.

Exercising in a group setting is a great way to connect with others in a world where personal interaction seems to be decreasing. We shop online, eat alone, telecommute for work and live our daily lives often without ever seeing another person. Working out with others helps us engage with people with a common goal. The instructor will likely help you mingle with the others in group. You might even build some life-long friendships in the process.

Adjusting Your Schedule to Fit Your Needs

Even when you find a class you love and intentionally schedule workout time, life happens. A child is sick or the boss needs a project at the last minute. We know that you sometimes need to juggle your schedule to work around your life instead of making your life fit around exercise. Since every class at Flow Fitness Boutique is taught in a group setting, you’ll never have to work out alone and will always be inspired by a group of supportive women.

Helping Women Be Everything They Were Made To Be

At Flow Fitness Boutique, we want to help you become the best possible woman you can be. Through women’s fitness, we want to inspire and equip you to be strong¬—physically, emotionally and spiritually. We’ve designed our fitness classes to do more than improve your outward appearance. We work with you to enhance your physical health, build your confidence and present you with new possibilities for your future. We are dedicated to encouraging you so that you can fulfill your purpose.

Our group exercise classes offer you the opportunity to reach your goals with other like-minded women and celebrate each other’s successes along the way. By encouraging, challenging and supporting one another, your journey becomes easier and more rewarding. Regardless of your level of ability, you will discover fun and challenging classes available each day. Our workouts for women, created to meet your specific needs, focus on the areas that you find important.

Come and join us in an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and welcome.

Exercise helps you gain the energy required to meet the many demands in your life. Our ladies’ fitness boutique can help you do it in style. We also sell trendy and comfortable athletic wear to help you feel great and perform well while exercising. Stop by the boutique and check out all the latest trends in workout wear. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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