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9 Fitness Trends for 2018 – Part 2

As society changes, so do fitness trends for women who want to maximize their workouts. Technology now allows you to check your vital signs in real time instead of waiting until you finish your workout. You can review charts with optimal information on walking, running and heart rates. The new technology has been teamed up with contemporary fitness trends and a resurgence of old-school trends. The following fitness trends are becoming popular at women’s fitness boutiques.


Virtual Reality

Running on a treadmill can be great exercise as long as you don’t fall asleep from boredom during your run. One of the newest trends in fitness is to add virtual reality in with the workout to help you up your game to the next level. Instead of listening to music while staring straight ahead, you can now run through forests or across rough terrains that exist only in your virtual-reality glasses. Virtual reality can also give you a partner for floor exercises that will help you engage more fully in your workout.



When a fitness trend takes hold in New York City, you can rest assured that it will likely take off all over the rest of the country. CBD oil is a natural substance that is both legal and purported to be safe. Many exercise enthusiasts in New York City are adding CBD oil to coffee or other drinks to help reduce swelling inflammation and combat pain after workouts. The effectiveness of CBD oil means that it will only increase in popularity in the future.



Stretching helps you prepare for workouts, enabling you to keep your body in peak condition so that you aren’t sidelined by injuries. Large stretching classes have been forming all over the country in recent months, which has turned this simple yet effective process into a full-blown fitness trend. A consistent stretching regimen will help your body to recover from workouts more quickly, improving your overall health.


Certified Fitness Experts

In 2018, a growing number of people will pay extra for the services of a certified fitness professional. People are starting to realize that understanding how to work out is just as important as actually working out, which means more people want professional guidance. Instead of trying to do it themselves, more people will pay to work with certified professionals at a women’s fitness center in 2018.

Technology and the growing need for better health are teaming up to create the demand for trendy women’s fitness classes. Check out our class line up on the Flow Fitness website, or better yet, stop by the studio today to see how we can help.



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