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Best Workout Times to Stay Motivated

Everyone should usually work out when it best fits into his or her schedule. If you are new to working out or if you are open to new ideas that might improve your workout, then you might want to consider different times of day to maximize your workout.

Benefits of Morning Work Outs

Many of the most convincing reasons of why you should work out in the morning are actually based on your daily schedule. For example, if you make it a routine to work out in the morning, then social activities will never get in your way. You can almost guarantee that your co-workers won’t want to meet at 6:00 a.m. for breakfast. Morning workouts provide you with a strong sense of accomplishment to kick-start your day. You might be surprised at how far that motivation will take you. Finally, some studies have shown that morning workouts which incorporate the use of weight resistance training will boost your metabolism for the entire day.

Additional research shows that working out in the morning promotes increased creativity and lower stress throughout the day. Morning workouts also help you sleep better, maybe because you are tired from rising early to get to your local women’s gym!

You need fuel in the form of food to function properly, especially if you plan to exercise in the morning. Getting up and grabbing a protein bar before working out won’t give your body the fuel it needs. Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast, focusing on protein and carbs to give you the energy that you need. Since your muscles and joints might be stiff after sleeping, incorporate a longer warm up into your routine.


Benefits of Afternoon and Evening Work Outs

Your internal body temperature slowly rises by two to three degrees throughout the day. By the time mid- to late-afternoon arrives, your body is at its peak temperature. Working out in the afternoon can be best because your body becomes more limber as the day progresses, and you will not experience the stiffness and pain that comes from a morning workout. A higher core temperature also means that your body is better at processing oxygen, which will help make your exercise routine as effective as possible.

Afternoon workouts have been shown to boost work performance strength over the long haul. Evening exercise regimens promote muscle strength and muscle size. Many women find childcare and the related logistics easier to navigate a little later in the day. At Flow Fitness Boutique, we offer workout classes for busy moms and even exercise for kids.

No matter when you decide to work out, you will need to choose a time that works best for you. Consider the different stretching routines that will maximize your workout, depending on the time of day. Whatever you do, set a schedule and stick with it to give your exercise routine a fighting chance. Flow Fitness Boutique offers early morning to late afternoon classes that will work with your busy schedule.

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