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What Flow Fitness Boutique Offers That a Gym Can’t

I’m a freelance writer. Trust me when I tell you I am not raking in gobs of money. But I decided to join Flow Fitness Boutique over a big, chain gym (aka treadmill farm) despite the heftier fees.

I’ve belonged to big gyms before and I would almost immediately fall into a rut. I’d use the same cardio machines (hey elliptical, do you miss me?) over and over. I almost completely ignored the weights (I’d get impatient with the sweaty guys who hung out on the benches doing more resting between reps than actual reps). I’d try a few group fitness classes but with 30 or more people crammed into the studio, it was easy to just melt into a corner and haplessly make my way through the class.

So along came Flow Fitness Boutique —and I’m not looking back. Here’s why.

  • The atmosphere. Walking inside FFB is a breath of fresh air — literally. A waft of peppermint or eucalyptus from the essential oil diffuser greets me instead of a smell that’s something akin to my teenage son’s backpack after Friday’s leftover lunch and his sweaty gym clothes sit inside it all weekend. It has a cozy, shabby chic feel where a dispenser of fruit-infused water awaits you. There’s a relaxation room and even a tea bar. At a chain gym, you’re lucky if there’s a water fountain.
  • The size. Flow Fitness Boutique is small, and deliberately so. The max for each class is 15 people, which means you’ll always get individualized attention. Really, what’s the point of doing 25 lunges if your form is all wrong?
  • The latest fitness trends. Unlike a big gym or even a fitness boutique that specializes only in barre or spinning or boot camps, Flow Fitness Boutique is always shaking up its schedule to bring members the newest fitness craze. FFB offers Trapeze Flow, Barre Above and Dance Fusion classes. And look for POUND (an exercise class using weighted drumsticks) coming in June.
  • The expertise. FFB instructors are all certified in the classes they teach. They know the moves and how to do them properly. And with their fun, lively style, they’ll make it painless for you too learn too.
  • The community. Every time I walk into FFB, I’m reminded of the TV show “Cheers.” It’s friendly, welcoming and while not everyone knows my name, there are some who do! That’s big improvement over the chain gym I used to belong to. The only person who called me by name there was the one who swiped my membership card and looked at the name on it. And even then I’d get a lot of “Good morning Debbie” or “How ya doin’ Diane” greetings. It’s Donna, thank you very much. And you know what? Despite the bigger hit it takes on her wallet, you lost her business. I am FFB fan now.
  • The shop. At the Flow Fitness Boutique shop you’ll find the most comfortable stylish shirts, tanks, sweatshirts and socks that will make your work out even more enjoyable. There are also accessories and inspirational literature for your pleasure. And the best part is you can order online, sitting at home in your pajamas, and pick up at the studio when you’re there for your next class. Want to brag a little about your local fitness studio and send something cute to your cousin in Minnesota? They’ll ship it for you too.

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