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Four Reasons You Might Be Neglecting Your Workout

You started off the New Year with the best intentions but have gradually quit working out during the last few weeks. Take a look at four reasons you might have stopped working out to see if you can reclaim your motivation.

Too Busy

Let’s face it — life is more hectic and moves at a faster pace than ever before with demands of family, children, work, church, and more. And when your schedule seems to burst at the seams, your workout might be the first thing to go. However, now is the time to make exercise more of a priority than ever. The Mayo Clinic reports that working out helps decrease stress. And the busier you become, the more stressed you often feel. You can combat that stress and better handle your demands and responsibilities by taking as little as 30 minutes to catch a quick class.

At Flow Fitness Boutique, we understand how valuable your time is. We know that you want to maximize the time that you have to work out. We offer classes as short as 30 minutes so that you can make the most of your time. Try 30-minute upper body blast, 30-minute core blast, or 30-minute lower body blast.


A Lack of Connection

You might have tried working out at the gym, but you struggle to connect with other members. A wide range of women of various ages and interests attend our ladies’ fitness boutique. We will help you become engaged with other members so that you can connect with them. When you develop friendships at your local women’s gym, you are naturally more motivated to work out. Their energy will encourage you to keep going even when you want to quit.

If you have children, try out Mommy and Me class. Not only will you exercise with other moms, but you won’t have to worry about childcare either. And you will provide a great example to your child of how to get healthy. Try us out today. Who knows — you might even meet your new BFF!


An Unhealthy Lifestyle

You might struggle with an unhealthy lifestyle, including eating poorly and not exercising. When you fail to get up and go to that workout, it’s easy to just quit making the effort to attend. People sometimes stay stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle because they think they need to make huge changes all at once. Instead, try slowly making small changes and adding more changes one at a time to make a difference in your overall health. For example, attend one workout class this week to get back into the game. Try our PiYo or Flowga class for starters.



You might struggle with intentional or unintentional self-hate and then sabotage your own exercise program. Taking time out for yourself can boost your self-esteem and improve your overall well-being. Spending time with positive people can also encourage you in your efforts to improve your mental health. One of our many classes is sure to appeal to you.

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