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The Benefits of Adding Variety to Your Workouts

Plenty of myths involved with exercise cause people to make mistakes with their regimen. One of the most common myths is that you must create a routine and stick with it if you want results. Personal trainers and exercise experts know that mixing up your routines and injecting variety into your workouts each week offers many benefits. The idea that you have to have the same old boring exercise routine week after week not only takes the fun out of exercise but could also be dangerous.

Prevent Muscle Fatigue

Muscle fatigue occurs when you use the same muscles over and over to do the same routines. If you want the maximum results with your workouts, then you need to give your muscles time to recover before you start using them again. Adding variety to your routine will allow you to use different sets of muscles, thus achieving better results.

Muscle fatigue can also lead to serious injuries while mixing up your regimen can prevent those injuries from happening. A solid routine consists of stretching, exercise and recovery, but your body might not properly recover if you stick with a routine that forces you to regularly use the same sets of muscles.


Increasing Workout Efficiency

Many people use an exercise routine at a local women’s fitness boutique that involves three days per week of cardio, allowing for incremental increases in resistance to achieve better results. While it is not dangerous to repeat the same cardio routine three days a week, it can be counter-productive. This repetition of the same routine over and over might make it more difficult to improve endurance and see positive results. You will quickly hit a plateau that could take months to overcome.

This idea of hitting a plateau applies no matter what type of exercise you do, which is why mixing up your workout helps improve results. When you repeat the same workouts, your body builds up a tolerance that makes progress difficult. By doing different types of workouts, you give yourself a much better chance of regularly achieving performance breakthroughs on a regular basis. For example, you might want to try alternating a less stressful class, such as body sculpting, flowga or Piyo, with a high-intensity class, such as HIIT, a boot camp class or kickboxing.


Improve Creativity

Most people do not look at their workout routines as problem-solving exercises, but that is exactly what sports and exercise turn out to be. In sports, you are constantly forced to solve problems to achieve the desired results you and your team need. In exercise, you need to overcome any barriers to completing your routines.

When you change up your exercise regimen, you are presenting your body and mind with new challenges to solve, which keeps your mind sharp. Mixing up routines also improves hand-eye coordination as you are constantly faced with new challenges that require different physical responses.

If you are doing the same workout routines each week, then you are not making the most of your time at your local women’s gym. To really maximize your exercise results, you need to change up your exercise routine and make variety your secret weapon. Contact Flow Fitness Boutique today to see how we can help mix up your work out!

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