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Free Meal Planner From Forks Over Knives

This article was written by Flow Fitness Instructor, Shanna Tvenstrup and originally appeared on her blog.  Check out her blog and even attend one of her seminars if you can!

If you have ever attended one of my health seminars, you know that I’m a big proponent of meal planning! Having a set meal plan for the week and a set grocery list will help your family stay on track with your health goals. It also saves money to only shop once a week with a plan.

Planning out healthy meals and food options, in general, can be overwhelming for some people. If you would like to get a meal plan on your phone, try a free trial week with the plant based organization Forks Over Knives. This is a very health-conscious organization. You can add other proteins to the recipes if you do not want to eat an entirely planted based diet.

Having a weekly plan for meals and snacks helps everyone in the house to stay healthy and keep those New Year’s resolutions to eat right!

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