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Nothing Is Ever Really Lost

This article was written by Andra Watkins and appeared here on her blog! 

Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it. ~L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl

I’ve lost many opportunities as an author. Bigger writers score features and elite reviews. Recognizable keynotes generate more conference registrations. Celebrity puts butts in seats.

An opportunity is lost ONLY when we don’t try.

Negative responses aren’t failures. I don’t consider the likelihood of hearing yes. If I don’t ask, I’ll never know what’s possible, right?

How many times does “no” mean “not right now?”

In my experience, A LOT. My current publicist rejected me the first time. Numerous outlets refuse review requests only to come back later and agree to feature a different title. Decision makers still say no to my program until I build a reputation in their area or garner a referral from someone they respect. Every milestone gives me the ability to ask again. Often, I hear “yes” the second or the fourth or the tenth time. Don’t ever give up.

Focus on “yes.”

I don’t dwell on people who reject me. Every week, I add things to my calendar. Each addition represents a “yes.” I celebrate those entries with gusto and fanfare. Why? Because people sense positive energy. They’re more likely to say “yes” to confidence.

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