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Seven Ways to Keep Up Your Workout Motivation

While you know that exercise has many health benefits, increases energy and relieves stress, you need to stay highly motivated to stick to a regular workout routine. Current recommendations for Americans are 20 minutes of physical activity per day. In reality, over half of American adults are falling short of this goal. If you find yourself in need of inspiration to make it through your tough workouts and fitness commitments, consider the following tips for staying motivated.


  1. Listen to great music

Some gyms play overpowering music that makes it difficult to concentrate. At our local women’s fitness boutique, we provide up-beat music that helps motivate you without breaking your eardrums. Listening to a favorite, fast-paced song can help you push through those last few reps. Inspirational music distracts you from pain and fatigue, making it essential for peak performance and endurance.


  1. Engage in friendly competition.

Scheduling regular workouts with a friend will keep you accountable and motivated. You are more likely to complete your workout knowing that someone else is depending on you. Choose workout partners that motivate you. Competing with someone slightly faster or stronger will help encourage you to push yourself further.


  1. Utilize fitness accountability apps and trackers.

Numerous websites and apps help you stay motivated. Whether tracking your workouts or food intake, you can find an app for that. Social media offers another great tool to hold yourself accountable and gain support from others. Tracking your success allows you to view your progress and determine where you need to make changes.


  1. Plan your workouts ahead of time.

Set aside a few minutes every Sunday night to schedule your workouts for the week. Plan your workouts just like appointments to help you stay committed. Check out the trending workout classes at Flow Fitness Boutique for our current schedule.

Lay your exercise clothes out the night before. Keep your gym bag packed with essentials and ready to go.


  1. Set realistic goals.

Instead of focusing on bigger goals, try setting micro-goals that will allow you to achieve and celebrate smaller victories. Be proud of your accomplishments and focus on the big picture. Imagine your body becoming stronger and healthier with each workout you complete. Don’t sabotage your fitness gains by setting unattainable goals. Keep a journal of your progress and accomplishments.


  1. Choose an activity that you love.

From group exercise classes to women’s fitness boutique studios, you can find classes for every fitness level and interest at Flow Fitness Boutique. Find an athletic activity that you love, and you will be more likely to attend. Participating in what interests you helps keep you disciplined and excited.


  1. Don’t view working out as a punishment.

It’s okay if you skip an occasional workout. Rest is an essential part of any women’s fitness program. Just don’t make it a habit. If you really don’t feel like working out, consider going for a brisk walk to start your blood pumping. Look at working out as an opportunity to push yourself to be better. Your body will thank you afterward!

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