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5 Reasons You Need Variety in Your Workout

As the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life,” and it is also the key to a productive workout. If you are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your exercise routine, then you might need to change up what you are doing. Read on for five reasons why you need variety in your workout.

Keeps You from Plateauing

When you stop seeing results, such as better muscle tone or improved endurance, then you have hit an exercise plateau. You are only maintaining your current level. Varying your work out will help you see results.


Increases Endurance

When you rush through your workout routine but still have plenty of energy to talk or sing to yourself, then your endurance has peaked. You are not increasing stamina nor are you improving your cardio. If you struggle with this, you might need to change up your routine and challenge yourself again.


Effectively Works All Muscle Groups

A fitness professional at a local women’s gym will give clients different routines to run through each day of the week so that you can exercise each important muscle group.


Helps Prevent Injuries

When you exercise, you might deal with muscle fatigue, which occurs when you repeat the same workout routine every day. To avoid muscle tears and cramps, add variety to your workout.


Keeps Your Routine Interesting

After a while, you will become bored and look for reasons to skip your workout if do the same exercise routines every day. Add some spice to your workouts by changing up your workout.

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